The Campus Trees Project


The Campus Trees Project is the product of a collaboration of graduate students and staff from the Department of Horticultural Sciences, the Department of Forest Resources, and the Stakman-Borlaug Center for Sustainable Plant Health, led by Jared Rubinstein. The Campus Trees Project was intially funded through a mini-grant from the Institue on the Environment.

All photographs by Eric North, Chad Giblin, or Jared Rubinstein, unless otherwise noted.

About the Authors:

Jared Rubinstein, Lead Author:

Jared is a graduate student in the Department of Horticultural Sciences. His graduate research focuses on improving organic strawberry production in the upper midwest. In addition to his research, he is the manager of the department's Display and Trial Garden and is pursuing a graduate minor in Museum Studies.

Emily Ellingson, Contributor:

Emily is a former graduate student in the Department of Horticultural Sciences. While at the University of Minnesota, she studied genetic diversity among native and non-native eastern hemlocks. She is currently the Native Plant Manager and Curator at The Arboretum, State Botanical Garden of Kentucky with the University of Kentucky.

Eric North, Contributor:

Eric is a former research fellow and instructor in the Department of Forest Resources. He is currently an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the School of Natural Resources. 

Mohamed Yakub, Contributor:

Mohamed is the Outreach and Education Coordinator at the Stakman-Borlaug Center for Plant Health.


Special Thanks

Thank you to Drs. Stan Hokanson, Rebecca Montgomery, Emily Hoover, and Ruth Shaw, and Chad Giblin, Echo Martin, April Snyder, and Eliott Redmann.